1. Savoure Cake

In French, “Savoure” means to enjoy and to savor. Savoure Cake was born with a message: to love wholly and fully. Each cake conveys not only the meticulous effort of the baker but also the love that they have for their work. To share “Savoure Cake” with your loved ones is to show them how much they mean to you.

2. Savoure Ice Cream

Hand-made from the best quality natural ingredients with no preservatives to ensure the health of our customers.

3. “VietCup” Coffee

Selected and mixed from only the most reliable sources, “VietCup” coffee promises to be one of the most memorable milk coffee you have ever experienced.

4. Savor Tea Tea

Be selective and material production from the high tea blended with herbs, Savor Tea product gives consumers a sense of cool and refreshing.